Company Introduction

“Old Ipoh White Coffee” is a premium brand of Malaysia white coffee. Specially prepared from a quality mix of Liberica, Arabica and Robusta beans. Flawlessly roasted to golden brown perfection over medium low heat and blended with skimmed milk and caster sugar according to an age-old signature recipe. The coffee roasting techniques and skills determine the quality of the roasted beans. This is evident in “Old Ipoh White Coffee”.

Our decades of white coffee roasting know-how since the days of our founder, reflect the sheer dedication from one generation to another. With such expertise, we are able to use the best methods to blend and roast 3 of the finest grade coffee beans to gives you the most profound coffee taste and aroma.

From decades of hands-on experience, we are able to utilize medium low heat roasting technique to significantly reduce the caffeine content in our beans, and eliminate the bitter sour taste from common high heat roasting process. Also, staying true to our age-old recipe, milk and sugar along with order natural ingredients are added to our coffee blend. Not only does this minimize the stimulating effects coffee has on the stomach, it produces the rich aromatic “Old Ipoh White Coffee” that’s perfectly smooth to the taste.

A distinct aroma fills the air as your “Old Ipoh White Coffee” slowly dissolves in a cup of hot water. Have a taste and naturally, one enjoyable sip follow another !

“Old Ipoh White Coffee” – A signature taste to remember !

The Origins of Old Ipoh White Coffee

The origin of Old Ipoh White Coffee can be traced back to the early years of the last century.

At a time where Chinese migrants came to Ipoh, Malaya to make a living at local tin mines. Tough work coupled with harsh weather often took a toll on the health of these people. Problems like poorly equipped medical facilities and lack of medicine supply only add up to their dilemma. Luck has it that they chanced upon some wild coffee beans and discovered the stimulating effects of these beans. By mixing the beans with wild vegetables, they came up with a unique ‘coffee vegetable soup’, which helped to relieve aches and tiredness. The soup soon gained popularity among the Chinese immigrants.

One day during a regular inspection, a British supervisor found out about this aromatic coffee soup. Subsequently, he taught the Chinese miners how the British prepared their coffee. Surely enough, the miners began to follow the British way of drinking coffee. Over time, the coffee drinking culture gradually became part of the daily life for the local community. But the fact was that most Chinese didn’t quite fancy the bitter sour taste of western coffee preparation. They improvised later on by mixing different types of coffee beans, added in milk and sugar, and replaced high-heat coffee roasting to a medium-heat process, plus other enhancements. The addition of milk and sugar to coffee was referred to as ‘coffee adds white’ (white relates to both milk and sugar) by the Chinese.

Gradually, the locals called this improved coffee simply as ‘White Coffee’. It didn’t take long for White Coffee to gain widespread popularity and became a Malaysian specialty.

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